When Shit Happens: Changing Plans

In a previous post, I wrote about my training philosophy and the need to be consistent in order to see results

That’s nice talk and all…

And then life throws you a curve ball.

Or a couple of curve balls.

My latest curve balls included general fatigue and then sickness. So the question becomes: should you train when you’re tired or sick?  Or what about if you’re just “sick and tired?”

I’d been trying to do a 5-day split, training a different body part each of those days, and then taking the 6th day off before starting up the whole cycle again.  That sucked.  I was finding that by the time I was getting to the fourth and fifth workouts, I was gassed.  I was tapped out.  Hated being in the gym.  And as a result, the workout would suffer because I couldn’t muster up the energy to do it.

And then, I caught the stomach bug that seems to be running rampant this winter season.  Typically, if I only have a head cold or a case of the sniffles, I’ll still go to the gym. For an entire week.  I missed an entire week of workouts.  For a gym rat like myself, this is catastrophic.

But shit happens.  Pun intended.

So I had to re-group and factor in how I might avoid the general malaise of a five day split that probably lead to my fatigue that probably played a role in my lowered immune system which also probably contributed to catching a bug.

I’ve regrouped my split into a four day split instead.  Now, I’m combining back/biceps/rear delts.  On another training day, it’s shoulders/triceps.  Third day is chest/front delts and the fourth day is legs.  Instead of trying to hit the gym so many days in a row, I’ve switched to two days on, two days off.

This new schedule will hopefully allow for better recovery time, less fatigue, more energy per workout, and it also has the added benefit of getting in an extra workout per month for each body part split.  Cool!

So yeah, there is still something to be said for consistency, but if you’re finding that your workouts are suffering, or worse, your family is suffering because you’re spending maybe too much time in the gym, revise, revise, revise.


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