Sometimes, I fail

I am a fat kid at heart.

I love cake. Chocolate cake. With many layers. And lots of icing. And a thick coating of chocolate chips along the outside.

I love ice cream. And pizza. And greasy French fries.

I just don’t eat that stuff very often. So I guess that’s why when I walked into the hair salon this week, carrying a drink, the owner of the shop gasped and said, “LIZ!!! What’s that?!? Are YOU drinking a Mountain Dew?!?”

Yep. Damn straight. I had a hankering. A realllll bad craving. Before that bottle, I hadn’t had a lick of that tasty hick juice in years! (“Hick Juice” comes from my server days. We could always pick out the bad tippers based on their beverage choice. Pepsi or Diet? You’re good. Iced Tea? Probably a little better. But Mountain Dew?!? You’re fucked! You’ll be lucky to get a wooden nickel out of that lovely guest, who, for whatever reason, looks like a guy from Duck Dynasty, hence, hick juice.) anyyyywayyy…

I had quite a few cravings this week. Had pizza last night. And Burger King today. Even had one of their Oreo milkshakes.

Why, you ask? Am I depressed? Am I attempting to “eat my emotions”?!?

No! I did it coz I was hungry and that’s what I wanted!

Some might say that I failed at this “clean eating” bit. And maybe they’re right. But I won’t feel guilty about it, and neither should you when you fall off of the good habit horse you’ve been trying to maintain.

Moderation is key. And so is knowing that if you resist the craving for too long, you’ll likely end up binging. And trust me when I say I’ve been on some food binges in my day.

But I never feel guilty nor do I feel like I have to work “extra hard” to burn those calories off. To hell with that! Instead, I prefer thinking of those extra calories as extra fuel, which enables me to work longer or harder. But only if I feel like it. I can wallow in my gluttony just as easily as the next guy. If I feel like it.

So what’s the take away? Simple. Don’t beat yourself up over a few extra calories. There are far too many other nasty, ill-intentioned people who are plenty willing to do that for you. Why put yourself through it too? Go easy on yourself. Look at the calories as extra fuel. And at your next meal, do better.

Life is short. Eat the cake.


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