The Importance of Remembering Your Password

Hey!  Remember me?!?!  I have a blog!

Only I’ve been locked out of it for about a month.


Because I’m an idiot, and when I created this site, I failed to write down my password.  This normally isn’t a problem because if I use a site often enough, my Toshiba, nearly falling apart, laptop somehow mysteriously remembers my password for me.  I don’t know how this happens; it just does. I think there are elves living inside my computer and they perform these tasks that no mere mortal could possibly understand.  Or at least mortals without any prior Geek Squad experience.

And then I was gifted a new laptop.  An HP Envoy, I think it’s called.

New laptop, new software, new browsers, new bells, new whistles, yada, yada, yada. It is a lovely laptop.  I suspect that there are not only elves living inside of it but gnomes too.  And gnomes are slicker than elves.  They can do some really super cool shit.

And one day, joyfully sitting down at my brand new, shiny laptop, all excited to blog on it, I logged on to WordPress and was dumbfounded when it asked me for my password.  The elves and gnomes inside my new laptop were of no use.

My password?  What the hell’s my password?  I don’t remember my password.  Let’s see…I must’ve written it down here somewhere…hmmmm….no, no not there….over here?  Nope.  Not there, either.  WTF is my password?  Meh. No worries.  I’ll just re-set it.  “We’re sorry.  This is not an email address of Login information for any current WordPress users.”


Now what?

A month of being locked out, trying to recover all my shit and prove that I am me and that this is my site– that’s what.

So here I am.

Before composing this, I wrote down my password on a scrap of paper.  I think I’ll stuff it inside my bra.


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