Buying toothpaste is hard. I mean, there’s Crest, Aquafresh, Colgate, Tom’s Natural Crap-Tasting Paste….
And then there’s tartar control, whitening, fluoride-injected, plaque-fighting, breath-blasting, and on and on and on!

On top of that, price is also a consideration. Does this “value pack” really have any sort of value, or is it just a sales gimmick? Or what about the coupon pasted to the front of the carton, urging cost-conscious shoppers to, “Save Now!”

A trip to your local, big-box variety store’s toothpaste section will likely span an entire wall and six racks of shelves. This kind of experience leaves me glaze-eyed and full of anxiety.  Which one should I pick? Oh my god, what if I pick the wrong one?!?! What if it doesn’t leave my mouth clean or kill gingivitis? What if when I smile, friends and strangers alike see mounds of gross plaque stuck between my teeth??? What if my teeth aren’t glistening?!?

Prozac, anyone?!?

I have Decision Paralysis. 

Deciding between a seemingly unlimited number of choices for even the dumbest of things like toothpaste brings me anxiety. 

So imagine the complexity of starting an online business. 

This is my current project. And while I have a really good handle on the service I’m going to offer, I have ZERO website-building savvy. And I kinda need a website to build my business. 

And so I asked around a little.  Should I build the site with Weebly? After all, Weebly was founded by a couple of Penn State grads. I should support the cause, right?!? Or maybe WordPress? And if WordPress, or  Yes, there is a difference. A big one. Should I use Kajabi? Thinkific? Iy-yi-yi…I don’t know!

Sound foreign? Join the club!

Then there’s this thing called a domain name. Well where do I get one of those, and what is it, and why do I need it? And I should get a private or shared SSL certificate. Huh? And make sure my site is “SEO”. Say what?!?

A host. 

A server. 

Wait. Am I managing a restaurant?!?

What is all this crap?!?

So I asked Google. 

Googs provided some answers, but then more decisions had to be made. 

Turns out that there are multiple providers of the aforementioned “thingees”. GoDaddy, Wix, Squarespace, Hostgator, Bluehost. And of course, this stuff that I don’t really understand but really need doesn’t come without a price, so then cost comparisons had to be made. 

And when I’d had enough of my own Decision Paralysis, I threw my hands up in the air, and surrendered to the possibility that whatever I choose, I might make a mistake. 

I might choose incorrectly. 

My site, my business might suck. 

It could go horribly wrong. 

But it could also go terrifically right. 

It might offer me the financial freedom I have craved in order to get out from under a boatload of paper grading that I must endure in my primary work. 

It might offer me the opportunity to travel. 

And to be a bonafide “business woman”, not that there’s anything wrong with being a “professor,” but I just want to spread my career wings. 

You see, the danger of Decision Paralysis is that sometimes, we can get so bogged down with comparing choices that we completely forget to–or put off– decide (deciding). To choose. 

To face the fear of failure, and just plow through it anyway, and to just have faith that it will all work out for the best. 

So I picked GoDaddy. My site’s domain name and managed platform and SSL certificate and globbity glob gibberish boombah is “all-inclusive” with my GoDaddy subscription. Or something like that. I don’t really know. But I’m about to find out. 

Buying toothpaste is hard. 

But not as hard as having to replace a mouthful of teeth if I’d never bought the toothpaste in the first place. 


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